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South County Roofing is your local Costa Mesa roofing Contractor providing free roofing, roof repair, roof tune up estimates for Costa Mesa and Newport Beach areas.

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We can help you replace your broken or slipped roofing tiles on your roof. We offer the best roof leak detection services you will come across. We will not only fix your leak but if you tile roof leaks we will find the leak source and make sure it is properly repaired.

We do one job at a time and we finish each job before starting another. We never start jobs and leave them before they are finished. We show up every day until the job is job and only then do we move on to the next job.

South County Roofing, Roof Repair, and Roof Inspection is licensed, insured, and has the experience needed to help with all your roofing and roof repair needs. We are a small but specialized roofing company focused on offering only the roofing services we do best. Roof Tune Ups is a staple service we offer. We offer a very fairly priced Roof Tune up at $199.00

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The roof inspection service is done by me (the guy in the pictures) myself. Having someone with over 25 years of hands on experience with actual roof repair and inspecting knowledge is a big plus for you. My employees are some of the best I have seen and they are not knowledgable enogh to do a "Professional Roof Inspection". Roof inspections are a very different from standard roofing practices.

Costa Mesa Roof Repair

Our core staff has been here 10+ years. Everybody speaks perfect English. We understand it is important everyone can understand each other. The combination of quality people and time tested repair techniques allows Costa Mesa Roofing to offer you 100% money back guarantee on any leak not solved as contracted.

If you hire Costa Mesa Roofing to repair, inspect, or tune up your roof you are guaranteed the job will be clean, the workmanship will be excellent, and the roofing materials used will be of the highest quality. Emergency Roof Repair, Roof Plastic Roof Tarping

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Having us repair on tune up your roof is a different from having just any roofing company repair your roof. Most roofing contractors have a goal to sell you a repair and get it done as profitably (quickly) as possible. When talking to or hiring other roofers you will notice they will often refer to the cause of the leak as maybe being here or there or they have no idea of what the problem is or what is causing it. We will find the leak source, we will photograph it, and we will put the roof back together in a manner that will make it so that the area of our repair will be the last area on your roof to leak again. We do not patch roofs we make permanent fixes.

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After we have repaired your roof you will not have to watch that area, keep an eye on it, or maybe get it fixed again in a few years. Once we fix an area on your roof that is it. And, if that leak should ever re-appear you will have one of the industries longest and strongest warranties to fall back on. Our warranties are very different from our competitors which have minimum show up fees attached to them, or maximum repair attempts they will try before you have to pay again, or some ridicules proration clause in the case they need to refund your money (they only offer you half back), or some crazy deductable or show up fee �clause�. You�ll get none of that from us. Just quality roofing and roof repair work you can depend on and a professional company to deal with.

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